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Art of the 7th Lily
Art of the 7th Lily
Art of the 7th Lily
Art of the 7th Lily

Healing Through


Creativity is NOT solely based on artwork, graphic design, writing, musicianship, etc.


If you take a look at the world around you – it is a true majestic masterpiece for all of us to enjoy and to benefit us with healing.  Whether that be places you visit, foods you eat, the breath of life within, walking barefoot upon the sand, or skinny dippin’ in the beautiful waters.  This place is a gift made by the ultimate Creator – just for you to enjoy.  The warmth of the masculine sun.  The nurturing light of the feminine moon.  The grass beneath your feet to soften your footsteps along your path. And the waters to enrich & replenish our bodies. 

Let this be your first inspiration!

Coming Up Creative

Beyond the purpose of personal fulfillment, the work provided is for those who are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.


Find out more of what Coming Up Creative means for Art of 7th Lily!


Art of the 7th Lily
Art of the 7th Lily
Animal Spirit Collection Art of the 7th Lily


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Live it!  Rock it!  Love it!

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