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Coming Up Creative


So, obviously you may be wondering what is ‘Coming Up Creative’.  Okay...the textbook answer...creativity is the foundation of Art of the 7th Lily.  Expressing with vibrant colors, sharing inspirational topics of sorts, artistry through graphic design, some upcoming health conscious culinary blogs, with a few other things in the works.


You know...just being creative, a blessing to others, and feeling good while doing it!  In a nutshell...loving the journey!


It's fulfilling, freeing, and magical!  What more can be said.

Okay, maybe a bit more...


This site, is an opportunity to be more than a blessing for personal purpose, but also for others.  Showing a lit path filled with many ways and forms that one can be aware of to heal the heart, mind, body, and soul.  Whether that's in the written word on an array of topics -- ranging from spirituality to crystal meditation.  From the foods we eat to the air breathe.  Inspirational art that just makes you feel good inside!


It's that site you want to go be lifted up in a world that's so cold and deprived of so much love.  Reminding us who we are -- Divine Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.  To give hope when you're in a dark place.  To inspire growth and to become the better version of ourselves.  It's about ascending -- raising your frequency to a higher vibration.


You know, that thing called "Christ Consciousness".


To be more aware of the "soul" and the Universe that surrounds us and within.  And just like how Spirit & the Universe speaks to us in any & many forms to raise our does Art of the 7th Lily.

Here on this's about love and to create & manifest ways to provide that. 

That's it...


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