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  • 7th Lily | Art of the 7th Lily

    Healing Through Creativity Creativity is NOT solely based on artwork, graphic design, writing, musicianship, etc. If you take a look at the world around you – it is a true majestic masterpiece for all of us to enjoy and to benefit us with healing. Whether that be places you visit, foods you eat, the breath of life within, walking barefoot upon the sand, or skinny dippin’ in the beautiful waters. This place is a gift made by the ultimate Creator – just for you to enjoy. The warmth of the masculine sun. The nurturing light of the feminine moon. The grass beneath your feet to soften your footsteps along your path. And the waters to enrich & replenish our bodies. Let this be your first inspiration! Read More Coming Up Creative Beyond the purpose of personal fulfillment, the work provided is for those who are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Find out more of what Coming Up Creative means for Art of 7th Lily! Read More Discover Here Merchandise FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OF $100 OR MORE Exclusive Merchandise Welcome to the Brand Live it! Rock it! Love it! Quick View Elephant Spirit Unisex Bomber Jacket (Teal) Price From $83.99 Plus Shipping Quick View Elephant Spirit Drawstring Bag (multi-color) Price $28.45 Plus Shipping Quick View Elephant Spirit Tumbler (plum pink) Price $47.19 Plus Shipping Quick View Elephant Spirit Unisex Bomber Jacket (Black) Price From $83.99 Plus Shipping Quick View Elephant Spirit Tumbler (teal) Price $47.19 Plus Shipping Quick View Elephant Spirit Drawstring Bag (teal & violet) Price $28.45 Plus Shipping Quick View Elephant Spirit Unisex Bomber Jacket (Plum Pink) Price From $83.99 Plus Shipping Quick View Elephant Spirit Drawstring Bag (crystal blue & sea foam green) Price $28.45 Plus Shipping Quick View Peacock Spirit Unisex Bomber Jacket (Teal) Price From $83.99 Plus Shipping Quick View Peacock Spirit Drawstring Bag (multi-color) Price $28.45 Plus Shipping Quick View Peacock Spirit Unisex Bomber Jacket (Black) Price From $83.99 Plus Shipping Quick View Peacock Spirit Drawstring Bag (teal & violet) Price $28.45 Plus Shipping Quick View Peacock Spirit Unisex Bomber Jacket (Plum Pink) Price From $83.99 Plus Shipping Quick View Peacock Spirit Drawstring Bag (crystal blue & sea foam green) Price $28.45 Plus Shipping Quick View Bear Spirit Unisex Bomber Jacket (Teal) Price From $83.99 Plus Shipping Quick View Bear Spirit Drawstring Bag (teal & violet) Price $28.45 Plus Shipping Shop the Message Blogging Corner Nature's Kitchen Uncovering the Ancient Mysteries of Honey: A Glimpse into its Significance and Uses in History Ancient rulers, Kings & Queens, Lords & Ladies were no strangers to the sweetest nectar in the world. Something that in ancient times became 10 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Inspirational Thought Giving Momma Her Flowers: Paying Homage to Nature Discover the beauty and wonder of nature in 'Giving Momma Her Flowers: Paying Homage to Nature'. Embrace gratitude and make a positive impac 5 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Collections Vibes Don't Lie: Choose Your Path Wisely Unleash your courage and intuition to choose your path wisely. Be bold, be brave, and remember that vibes don't lie. Dive into the art of ma 37 0 4 likes. Post not marked as liked 4 Crystals & Precious Stones Crystal Healing? Are You For Real, For Real? Curious about crystal healing? Dive into the world of precious stones and their spiritual significance. 'Crystal Healing Are You For Real, F 25 0 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 View More

  • Shipping & Delivery Policy | Art of the 7th Lily

    Shipping & Delivery Policy Last updated October 05, 2023 ​ This Shipping & Delivery Policy is part of our TERMS & CONDITIONS ("Terms") and should be therefore read alongside our main Terms: . Please carefully review our Shipping & Delivery Policy when purchasing our products. This policy will apply to any order you place with us. WHAT ARE MY SHIPPING & DELIVERY OPTIONS? We offer various shipping options. A third-party supplier will be managing our inventory and will be responsible for shipping your products. Our STANDARD SHIPPING (est. 4 - 7 business day delivery ) rate is $8.45 per item. We offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on ORDERS OVER $100. ***Standard Shipping Estimated Delivery: 2 - 5 Business Days after fulfillment All times and dates given for delivery of the products are given in good faith but are estimates only. All orders placed after 12 pm EST, will be submitted for fulfillment the following business day. Once fulfillment is finalized and packaged, we will send you an email with a confirmation & tracking number of your shipment. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 14 days after the estimated delivery date. But no worries! We'll cover the costs of reprinting and shipping a replacement order. For reporting a lost item in transit, please see our REPLACEMENT & REFUNDS POLICY for steps and procedures. DO YOU DELIVER INTERNATIONALLY? We do not offer international shipping. ARE THERE OTHER SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS? Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes. We currently ONLY ship domestically in the United States. Delivery addresses CANNOT be changed once an order is placed. Art of the 7th Lily, LLC outsources and works with third-party supplier(s) to assist us with successfully fulfilling our branded merchandise & orders.. WHAT HAPPENS IF MY ORDER IS DELAYED? Art of the 7th Lily, LLC products are made on-demand per the customer's request. If there are any possible shipping delays, Art of the 7th Lily, LLC will inform the customer of potential incidents should there be anything that might impact shipping (postal strikes, etc.). DELIVERY TIMEFRAMES & HANDLING TIMES Art of the 7th Lily, LLC products are made-to-order. When an order is placed, it enters into the fulfillment process, which takes approximately 2-5 business days to finalize printing & packaging to be shipped. All orders placed after noon EST will be submitted for fulfillment the following business day. Art of the 7th Lily, LLC currently offers only STANDARD SHIPPING (4 -7 business days after fulfillment) and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100. Art of the 7th Lily, LLC works with a third-party supplier(s) to fulfill all orders placed. This is to ensure excellent quality products are delivered to you. Our products are print-on-demand (i.e., per your request), which ensures the reduction of overproduction so that materials aren't wasted and are better for the environment. Please note delivery times are estimated as an approximate delivery time -- but it is not guaranteed. Art of the 7th Lily, LLC would like to Indicate delays can happen. Freight situations can change unexpectedly from one day to another. Please see the projected Estimated Delivery times listed on the product page(s). HOW CAN YOU CONTACT US ABOUT THIS POLICY? If you have any further questions or comments, you may contact us by: Email:

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Blog Posts (5)

  • Uncovering the Ancient Mysteries of Honey: A Glimpse into its Significance and Uses in History

    Ancient rulers, Kings & Queens, Lords & Ladies were no strangers to the sweetest nectar in the world. Something that in ancient times became a true sign of wealth and privilege. Yes indeed…this precious substance had been dubbed by the Greeks, The Nectar of the Gods. From Ancient civilizations during the Neolithic Stone Age to the Modern Era – Honey took center stage and has stood the test of time in popularity for its benefits. Not only for its nutritional elements but also for traditional healing modalities as well!  It became recognized as a versatile food with a wide variety of uses -- which some include cosmetics and the display of ritualistic attributions & reverence for various ancient deities. Tucked in a land far away from the Western World…nestled in Valencia, Northeastern Spain was a grand discovery made of the Cuevas de La Araña – also known as the 'Spider Caves.'  These caves house historically distant paintings depicting the first examples of people harvesting Honey dating back approximately 8,000 years ago and are the oldest documented proof of Honey Gathering.  According to, archeologists recently discovered the oldest jars of Honey found in ancient civilizations.  One from the tomb of King Tut dating back approximately 3,000 years ago and another unearthed in a Georgian burial tomb of a prestigious woman located in the Caucasus Mountains dating back some 5,500 years ago. During the turning point from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age -- it became abundantly clear Honey was a wide commodity for many nations.  So much so that the peoples of antiquities went from primitive ideals of “hunter-gatherers” to lucrative “farmers.” (Francis & Gontier, 1981) From hundreds of thousands of insects, Honeybees became the only species that would be domestically cultivated.  This was accomplished by building Skeppers (ancient hives) which were built using tree trunks that were hollowed out, straw, and good old-fashioned mud. Thus, the beginning of Honey Farming! The Stories, the Myths, and the Legends Israel:  We’ve all heard the land of Israel described as “the land flowing with milk and honey.” (Exodus 3:8) To the surprise of Professor Amihai Mazar, he stumbled upon the oldest apiary located in Northern Israel in a 2007 excavation.  This amazing discovery housed between 100 to 200 hives, with around thirty (30) hives that were unearthed from the Davidian dynasty around the 10th and 9th centuries BCE.  In total, this made the largest apiary found to date. Now, according to the biblical scriptures, there is historical proof within its writings that Honey was an abundant food source.  Even King Solomon (the son of King David) exclaimed that Honey was sweet to the taste and was good for consumption, but at the same time also warned to not eat too much of it.  (Proverbs 24:13, 25:27) So…basically…too much of a good thing can also be harmful. *Side Note Warning: According to Michigan State University (MSU), it is strongly recommended to NOT give infants Honey until they reach the age of twelve (12) months or older.  This is due to the “potential and avoidable source of C. Botulinum spores.” (Nichols, 2023) This has the serious potential of causing babies to become extremely ill due to underdeveloped immune systems. It is strongly advised to refrain from giving a baby Honey to protect their gastrointestinal system from being inundated with spores distributing neurotoxin. Yeah…that was a lot, but important to highlight. Okay, now back to the cool stuff! The Greeks:  In Greek mythology – there are many legends of the Greek god of sky and thunder, Zeus.  One of these fables describes Zues’ mother, Rhea, who ran away to the island of Crete to have her unborn son and hide him in a cave from his Father, Cronos (Kronos). According to the legends, Rhea left him there in the care of King Melissus’ daughters -- Melissa and Amaltheia.  In their care, they fed him Honey and milk as a toddler.  It was written in various Greek poems that honey was the food of the gods that granted them “victory over death” and “immortality.” So, apparently, like many other Grecians -- an ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, felt that the consumption of Honey assisted in optimal and prolonged life.  Honey became a major staple to Greek society to relieve fatigue, a source of essential benefits for the physical body, and attributed to be fundamental for the soul. Up next…we have the Egyptians. The Egyptians:  Well, as we know Egypt is one of the most heralded nations of early Western Civilization and takes the stage with its history of cultivating Honey.   As most of the world's society knows, ancient Egyptians made huge engineering advancements for their time.  According to The Book of Honey (Francis & Gontier, 1981), the approximate 6,000-year-old Illustrations within Egyptian hieroglyphs shed light on the use of primitive-ancient hives.  With floating vessels, these clay hives were placed on board to float down the Nile River to make a journey that would start in the Northern part of Egypt and travel to Southern Egypt that would arrive in Memphis. Due to the length of the journey from North to South of the Nile, by the time the vessels would port into Southern Egypt, harvesting the Honey would take place. This possibility was made by giving Honeybees access to collect pollen from floral landscapes on the banks of the river. The Egyptians realized Honey; aside from other natural foods; didn’t spoil.   This is due to its antimicrobial qualities.  For this reason, they considered it a sacred food and associated it with “immortality and resurrection.” Kind of like the Grecians…right? Because of these claims, Honey was declared an appropriate offering to their gods and for sacred, ceremonial practices -- such as burying the dead with sealed vessels that housed Honey to provide nourishment in the afterlife. We’re not done yet…here comes the Romans. The Romans: The ancient Roman peoples attributed a life of longevity to the consumption of Honey. Sound familiar? This became a main nutritional element for the body on a daily basis.  Once again…according to The Book of Honey, Romilius Polion, a wise man of more than a hundred years of age, was visited by Emperor Augustus for a dining experience. He exclaimed that to keep physically fit and have a healthy life, one must rub their body with oil and consume honey. At some point, Honey became a luxury and a sign of prestige to the people of Rome due to its popularity. Far and wide it was served throughout the nation with wine. Unfortunately, due to price increases, there was then made an alternative for the less fortunate.  This concoction was produced by combining dates and water to ferment.   During the excavation of Pompeii, a discovery was made in the city’s taverns.  ALL the cups were lined at the bottom with residual Honey. (Francis & Gontier, 1981) There are many wonderous historical references, myths, legends, and folklore scattered throughout ancient history about the Golden Nectar.  And now in modern times, we seem to have misplaced the appreciation of its kind.  This is because we can massively produce and find Honey to be easily accessible at our local grocery stores and marketplaces.  Dismissing extensive efforts made by our ancestors to obtain this sweet treat.  In addition, over the years science has discovered and proven tons of nutritional value in Honey – plus, it's a great substitute for sweeteners & condiments, a natural boost for energy, and great for other external uses. To conclude, there is no doubt about it -- for ages, Honey has been and will always be…nature’s sweetest golden nectar. Bibliography Bee Mission. (2019, September 12). World's Oldest Honey. Retrieved April 2024, from Bee Mission: Francis, C., & Gontier, F. (1981). The Book of Honey. London: Robert Hale Limited. Retrieved April 2024 Haddad, G. (2022, November 21). ‘Land of Milk and Honey’—An Ancient Apiary in Northern Israel. Retrieved April 2024, from Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archeology: Nichols, J. (2023, June 2). Why You Should Avoid Feeding Honey To An Infant. Retrieved April 2024, from Michigan State University - MSU Extension: Food & Health: Saed, O. (2021, December 6). Found: A 7,500-year-old Cave Painting of Humans Gathering Honey. Retrieved April 2024, from Atlas Obscura: Version, A. K. (2016). The Holy Bible. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Retrieved May 2024 Legal Liability Disclaimer

  • Giving Momma Her Flowers: Paying Homage to Nature

    So, there it was – the day of the Eclipse.  A major event was about to take place in the USA, since the most recent in August of 2017!  Local schools and businesses were scheduled to close for many to participate and witness the huge astronomical cosmic display.  Travelers migrated to locations to experience the “totality” in all its glory. I, however, was home for the day with an overcast view – unable to observe such a miraculous spectacle of Creation.  So…instead I spent some time with the Creator. When nightfall came, I was up burning the midnight oil and noticed a peaceful silence throughout the community.  Now, if you live in a major city, you know that several times in the day and evening you will hear sirens of many sorts -- fire trucks, police sirens, and ambulances…you get my meaning. But this night was different…there was nothing.  Not a sound.  All were in complete silence and rest. The following morning, there I was spending some time in prayer and a realization came over me that was very significant and impactful, to say the least.  I realized that nations and people all over the world, as a whole, pay homage in days of remembrance for a multitude of things -- such as observances of holy & sacred days, birthdays, days of tradition & celebration, memorials of the many, national holidays, etc, which are wonderful.  But have any of us thought much about taking a moment to reflect upon the greatness, wonder, and aww of what surrounds each of us every day? Wherever we go, whatever we’re doing, when we sit down to a meal, or living in the comforts of our lifestyle(s) -- there it is…Mother Nature nurturing us continually. The clothes we put on, the foods we eat, the water we drink, the Sun to provide light and warmth for new seedlings to grow, the Moon to govern the night skies, and the homes we reside within from materials that land provides for us to build. When someone does a kind gesture, no matter its magnitude – we show appreciation by saying “thank you.” When we’re in prayer asking the Divine to provide and then for our requests to manifest into our lives – we immediately show our display of gratitude with praise in many forms (i.e. song, dance, prayer, etc.) It occurred to me, that even though I’ve appreciated the Creation for what has been to all of us in every generation since the beginning of time – I thought that I should also take time to pay homage to Nature by taking fifteen (15) minutes a day to reflect and think about all that the Earth, the Luminaries, the Skies, and the Waters have provided for all us lovingly without asking for anything in return.  Nature is teaming with the life force (prana) in many ways from the trees that give us oxygen to the waters that give life for all things to birth and grow. I think it's time to give Mother Nature her flowers! Wait! What am I saying??  Nature provides the flowers! So, what can each of us do to pay respect and show proof of our appreciation? To name a few things… Recycle Use reusable water bottles and canteens. Use reusable bags when shopping. Plant a tree or a flower. Encourage one another to take care of our home here on Earth for ourselves and the generations to come.  We only have one. *Side Note: Try not to get upset or spiteful if others don't participate in the same way you do things. Not everyone is on the same life path and journey. Just continue to set the example for others in a loving and supportive way by planting the proverbial “seed” of demonstration. Commute on foot, rollerblade, use a scooter, and/or bicycle more. Carpool to work and special events. Correlate neighborhood clean-ups. *For Safety Purposes: When handling outdoor trash, please use reusable gloves or trash grabbers, push brooms, and dust pans designated for outdoor use.  You don't know where foreign trash has been. Try to use more natural cleaning solvents, such as vinegar. Say hello and thank a tree or plant – this helps to raise the “love” frequency around you and our communities. I know, I know…that may feel a bit far out there, right? However… Did you know that science has proven that whatever you’re feeling, plants and trees can sense the vibrations of your emotions? According to Cleve Backster, a former CIA interrogator, conducted an experimental study in the 1960’s of Plant Extrasensory Perception (ESP). In his research, Backster came to the conclusion that once a plant was “attuned” to a particular human being – the specimen itself would maintain that connection to the individual to whatever he/she acted in or went. William M. Bondurant suggests that Backster’s discovery is an indication of the possibility that there is an “instantaneous communication among all living things.” Kind of like when you’re thinking of someone and they call you the next day, sort of thing? Now, you might be sitting there asking, "Well, what is the point? How can I impact anything with just myself? I'm only one person out of billions." a pebble dropped in a pond, it causes ripples and eventually crosses the entire lake. Simply said: just as meaningful to each of us in human life -- the little things matter…for all things that hold “life” within. As it says in many sacred texts in different ways, "Do unto others, as you want done unto you." (Matthew 7:12) I would say that means exactly what it says — but also to all living things by treating all life forms with love and respect. Everything has a purpose, just like human life. In essence, be kind to Nature and she'll be loving and rewarding to us as well. Legal Liability Disclaimer

  • Vibes Don't Lie: Choose Your Path Wisely

    Where shall I begin? Well…as artists, we tend to create art based on emotion, experience, passion, and…ultimately…just from a place of designing something fulfilling and healing for ourselves while being submerged in the creation process. But let’s not forget that there is also the hope that it could be a healing modality and inspiration for others. But sometimes, the hardest part is crossing the “bridge of bravery” to release said works to the public for others to view and potentially criticize. Artists: whether writers, culinary artists, fashion designers, graphic designers, painters, sculptures…you name it (even if you’re designing a couch) — are some of the most courageous individuals in the world. You are open to the criticism that I was alluding. A sense of vulnerability comes when sharing what you enjoyed creating with a multitude of potential scrutiny for composition, color, angles, flavors, certain textiles, etc. “Oh, that brush stroke was so unnecessary” kind of thing, right? However, here’s a fun fact! Did you know that when a presidential candidate runs for office and wins 53% of the popular vote, they’ve literally won by a “landslide?” The reason is because it’s impossible to please everyone. The same concept applies to personal style and taste. None of us are the same, though we carry thoughts, behaviors, morals, and values from the basis of social constructs demonstrated to us within our immediate circles and communities. Things that were programmed within our mentality of what’s considered “right” or “good.” And with that, it can be challenging to broaden one’s horizon of style and beauty for Self when it may not resonate with those closest to us. However, I’m not only concerned about the design and how “cool” it can look in the final product — just as important is the meaning behind its existence. So, without further ado — today is the day of courage that I’m crossing that bridge to share some of my artwork with you and clarify its message. The Meaning Behind the Message To start …some may say that this design is too obvious of what the message potentially represents. But is it? What “vibe” would you think that’s being portrayed here? Are you sensing the dishonesty of others? Good times vs. bad times? Low frequency vs. high frequency? Maybe. But let’s dive a little deeper than that. What it’s genuinely relating to is our intuition —  your inner knowing. Some may call it discernment. How often have you received a hunch within your “gut” or in your “heart space” of a situation and then to NOT listen to it? I can’t speak for you! Haha! But I know I’ve done it plenty and literally made the t-shirt! But then you’re faced with looking back, saying, “Man, I knew what I felt! Why…oh WHY didn’t I listen?!” Like, why did you take the "red pill" right? This is because sometimes our ego or flesh desires tend to get in the way, leading to the direction(s) that aren’t for our highest good. Then we’re left there ashamed of ourselves, displeased, beating ourselves up with the inner-critical voice perpetuating a cycle of self-loathing and mental entrapment. BUR-DEN!!! (eye roll) Now, in life, we are here as spiritual beings having human experiences, meaning we have a soul. Some may even call the soul the higher self that’s connected to the Creator and the Creative Forces. But one of MANY things we’re here to do is make choices. With each decision, all…and I do mean ALL, have a “cause and effect” and their associated lessons. Some call it consequence or reaping what you sow, good or bad. Say you’re faced with a choice and standing at the proverbial “fork in the road.” In my experience, it would be wise to go within and silently ask yourself what direction to take. You’ll find clear indications of what’s best for you and your well-being versus the other path that may be tempting but inevitably not so good. But what if both paths sound optimistically great? Oh, the joy! Well…haha…once again…you must be willing to choose, and either way, look forward to the outcome. I’m someone who prays and meditates, asking for assistance when choosing the best path for Self. But even God, the Divine, Spirit, Creator, Universe, Source, or any name you associate with for a Higher Power can only give you guidance. You can even receive plenty of advice from family, friends, and peers. But understand that everyone’s path is different. There is still the expectation for us to operate within our autonomy. We’re still called to listen to that still voice (i.e., subconsciousness, inner-critical voice, the soul) within and choose our direction from a place of love, peace, and a sound mind. NOT from a place of fear, hate, or unsound irrationality. Making those decisions from a centered, loving balance would be wise. And to add, with the hopes of doing what’s best for the highest good of others that may potentially be involved as well. It’s not all about us, you know? Others matter, too -- even if they do get on your nerves from time to time. Just sayin'... (Side note: I found that it’s well to do unto others as you want done unto you. Meaning you treat others as you wish to be treated.) After your decision has been made by weighing all the possible and potential outcomes, the rest is taking that “leap of faith.” Right? Because, in reality, either path could be scary to handle. Or three, or four, or five different directions you’re pondering. But here’s the bright side. Say you finally chose a path with the best intentions, and things didn’t pan out how you hoped for, or even at all. In fact, the outcome was quite the opposite of your initial expectations. “Dude! I made such a huge mistake!” But did you really? Obviously, the lesson may feel burdensome and a bit hard to swallow. But then do yourself a favor and shift your focus and ask, “What did it teach me?” And that’s the key… Now you know something you didn’t know before and are no longer foreign to what works best for you and what doesn’t. So, there’s no need to beat yourself up. How would you have known if you hadn’t tried? It was a learning experience you apparently were meant to know, as we’re all on this earth to do just that — learn lessons in this big old classroom called life. Also, I think it’s better to decide than NOT to make a decision, rather than being passive by allowing life to “happen” to you. We do have to respectfully assert ourselves in personal confidence to be courageous to make choices. And that’s a scary thing. But if I can give you a little easement in your heart, know that everyone had to make difficult choices. And due to the outcomes, some folks regret it, while others have learned to embrace it — because it taught them something. And to add, being choice-less, you’re bound to be potentially trapped in “analysis paralysis,” which is a call for severe stress. And believe me when I tell you I’ve been there. And that SUCKS! So, please don’t do that to yourself. But like I said before, when making decisions of great importance or even those that aren’t as significant, do it from a place of love, peace, and a sound mind. Whether the outcome was successful, you still learned something YOU should know, and it could be excellent advice for others who may face the same obstacles or situations in their journey. But remember, everyone’s experience is different than ours, and they, too, have to operate within their own autonomy and make their final decision based on what feels right for them. And thus, therein lies its value. You didn’t lose anything but rather GAINED wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. The message is simple and yet profound. Be bold. Be brave. Listen to the vibes — they don’t lie. Legal Liability Disclaimer

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