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Healing Through


First, know that you are a creator in your own Divine Rite.  Not “right” -- but rather “rite of passage”. 

What does that mean?  Your purpose is to create.


Creativity is NOT solely based on artwork, graphic design, writing, musicianship, etc.  If you take a look at the world around you – it is a true majestic masterpiece for all of us to enjoy and to benefit us with healing.  Whether that be places you visit, foods you eat, the breath of life within, walking barefoot upon the sand, or skinny dippin’ in the beautiful waters.  This place is a gift made by the ultimate Creator – just for you to enjoy.  The warmth of the masculine sun.  The nurturing light of the feminine moon.  The grass beneath your feet to soften your footsteps along your path. And the waters to enrich & replenish our bodies. 


Let this be your first inspiration!

You were created to bring YOUR truths to reality.  Every one of us holds the breath of life within, individually and collectively.  You were brought here not only live, and certainly not by accident…but to learn, to be ambassadors of love & light, AND to create.


Every person is different.  We’re not cookie cutters.  Though we are all cut from the same cloth of Father Spirit & Mother Earth, but together we make up the whole tribe.  Just like there are many forms of creativity and many for healing.


Each one of us has a different life purpose.  Though some might resonate with others, you ultimately have your OWN vision.  During that time of gestation and the birth period of that creation, there will be many individuals who will be sent to enter your life to assist you on your path.

Kind of like, “when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear" -- you know, that sort of thing.  


Your calling, your life purpose, your soul’s mission is for you and YOU alone.


Second…take a seat…right now… sit down…and breathe in, breathe out, and reflect. What is it in your heart space that brings you the most joy? What work would put a smile on your face? What gives you that DRIVE? What do you see in your mind’s eye that you would love to fulfill and realize at this very moment? Not only for yourself, mind you, but also for the highest good of all? How can it bless & heal others, too? Don’t worry about the abundance. That’ll come later.


Now, the challenge is — to stay focused.

Never mind what the full path ahead to make it happen looks like. That will quickly become very overwhelming!​

Never mind what your family, friends, or work colleagues may think and say coming against your vision. Especially… never mind the fears & doubts that may arise in your thoughts to detour you. Because without question, they WILL come, too.​


Know that you will receive backlash! Know that you’ll be approached by “naysayers” and “haters.” Know that you may possibly be laughed at and not supported by your immediate community circle. Not all…but definitely some. This is why one must move in silence while creating because discouragement will come at some point and from any angle.

That’ll be another topic for another day.

But hold fast to what it is that YOU aspire to do and become.  What is YOUR truth?  Let that be your focus and breathe life into that – NOT the fears!


As you move forward to create…one must become disciplined.  That means turning down opportunities to go out on the town.  Sacrificing extra spending to save and fund your project.  Go through trial and error of redrafting.  Studying for many hours on particular subjects…if need be.  And the list goes on!


But, then, a fantastic phenomenon that occurs…

But hold fast to what it is that YOU aspire to do and become. What is YOUR truth? Let that be your focus and breathe life into that — NOT the fears!

As you move forward to create… one must become disciplined. That means turning down opportunities to go out on the town. Sacrificing extra spending to save and fund your project. Go through trial and error of redrafting. Studying for many hours on particular subjects…if need be. And the list goes on!

But, then, a fantastic phenomenon that occurs…

You eat less, you sleep less, and yet have an abundance of energy to fulfill your purpose. Now granted, please eat and get good rest!


But you are literally fueled by the passions that come from within. You seem never to be tired or sick…not saying that you can’t get a cold or something! But you’re driven! And all the while, you feel lighter, free, magical, healthier, and filled with joy.

Don’t be concerned about the complete path ahead. This is a journey…enjoy it! This is not an overnight completion to success & wealth. Although, as I said…wealth & abundance will come, and so will your success. But first, you have to come into alignment with what you KNOW is for you and move towards that. The Universe will open so many doors…and each one will open as you continue to move forward step by step.​

It will be magical!​

Now understand you must know who you are first and what it is that you’re seeking before the Universe can work on your behalf. You must believe it before you can see it. “However a man shall thinketh in his heart, so shall he become.” If you don’t believe it, then you won’t create it, nor will you see it. It’s that simple.

Third, it’s time to go to work!


For “faith without works is dead.” Here’s the thing: you must do the physical work in the carnal realm (physical) while Spirit & the Universe work on your behalf in the spiritual realm (metaphysical). So, if you don’t apply yourself in this physical plane, how and why would Spirit work with you and for you in the spiritual plane to manifest what you seek to accomplish? Do you think that the Universe is just going to give you everything on a platinum platter, and you do nothing?

That would be so cool, right? I would want that!! But let’s get real…that’s not how it works.​

But here’s the part that’s so AMAZEBALLZ for words…let me try to explain.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Read that again. There’s so much to share on that topic…but just know it’s a blessing! But it also means you can co-create with the Universe.

So, work with the Creator & the Universe!

This means let your prayers, desires, wishes, and hopes be known to the“Spirit.” Once you’ve accomplished this, start moving forward one baby step at a time…and watch how things come to you effortlessly because of your faith. Don’t worry about how things are going to come together! Remember, if you look at the entire road ahead…you’ll want to give up. It’ll be too overwhelming, as I said before.

Just have the vision and start applying yourself.

I can tell you that it’s a “cakewalk,” but I’d be lying. We live in a world that has mentally programmed us with discouragement by way of fears & doubts. Making anyone question their direction, abilities, talents, and gifts. But know that you’re never alone, and the Creator is saying to the Created (you), “I got your back! Let us create this together through YOU so I can be proud of YOUR work & effort. Believe in yourself! You CAN do this — because I’m with you every step of the way, and I will make your path straight.”

Now, Baby Creator – whatcha makin’?

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