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Crystal Healing? Are You For Real, For Real?

Updated: Apr 22

Yep! Let's Talk About It...

Precious stones — so what’s the big deal?

And, like…what’s all the hype about?

(Cue the side eye look — purse the mouth and raise the eyebrows. Well, just one eyebrow. It’s more dramatic that way.)

It seems like nowadays, many folks are wearing and rockin’ all kinds of different crystal or stone bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.

Haha…did you catch the pun? I said, rockin’ 😊

But I’m not talking about your typical diamond or ruby earrings or wedding bands. I’m talking about other impressive specimens we tend to take for granted. These minerals are just waiting to be worn on the wrist, the neckline, heck…even to be carried as a tumbled stone in your pocket, or just have a gorgeous piece on display in your personal or professional environment.

But is there more to it than that?

Well, kind of, I guess.

Remember those “friendship” bracelets back in the day that, if you were into creating and braiding, then gave to your bestie? Well, think of it like that. Except the difference is that your “bestie” is Mother Earth, and the gift is for you.

Yeah, that is a bit of a quantum leap. But stick with me for a moment…

Now, there are many beliefs of why people ritualistically wear them that range from spirituality to just…well…because they’re beautiful. But also the idea of cultivating and nurturing a relationship with feminine archetypal energy.

You know, Mother.

By doing so, we are also being called to nurture that same energy within ourselves and the masculine energy, Father. This means we are all created from masculine and feminine energy. Obviously, right?

Don’t believe me?

How’d you get here? Don’t you have a Father and Mother?

Just askin’.

But when we honor the practice of that sacred energy within ourselves, the masculine and feminine aspects over time, we become balanced within, and it’s reflected outwardly.

But let’s hold off on that for a bit and save that topic for another day. However, it’s a good one.

OK, so where was I?

Oh, yeah…

Some believe in the power of crystal healing, which could be obtained through meditation, stillness, and other practices. Many have gone to great lengths to study these precious minerals and what’s believed that they possess regarding their benefits and healing properties.

The belief in the power of crystals & precious stones hasn’t just begun in the 21st century.

Not at all!

This goes way back to the era of antiquities — the ancients. We’re talking about the Paleolithic (Old) Stone Age all the way up to the modern age of today.

Now check it!

By my calculations — that BE quite a long time! I’m just sayin’.

Archeologists have found a surplus of artifacts ranging from jewelry and talismans to many other multifaceted objects constructed for personal, regal, and ceremonial/religious purposes.

For example, when the paleolithic artifact, the Venus of Willendorf (c. 28,000 to 25,000 BCE), was unearthed, many amulets made from Moldavite were found within its vicinity. Relating to the Emerald crystal, in ancient times, Romans held the mineral in high esteem to be “associated with the goddess Venus” — to be “symbolic of fertility” (Simmons). In India around the 1st millennium AD, within the faith of Hinduism, diamonds were heralded as talismans for protection in the spiritual and physical realms — ranging from physical illnesses to shielding from malicious spirits.

Okay, so I bet you’re probably asking…

“But what about the color aspects?”

“Does that mean anything?”

“Does it have any significance or purpose?”

Well… I’m glad you asked, and as a matter of fact, it does! 😊

Let’s try this exercise for a moment. Close your eyes and envision in your mind’s eye that perfect color that lights you up. That blissful state within — bringing a smile to your face. Granted, you can have more than one color.

Now, imagine an example of how you can use that color daily.

For example, you get out of bed and consider what outfit you want to wear. More than likely, it would be dependent upon the mood you are in, right? The frequency of your current vibration. But the key is to be in HIGH vibration. So, if you’re in a funk — regardless of your current state, what is the color, or rather, the colors that would deliberately uplift you when you’re not in such a good mood, per se?

Do you think it should be the one that puts you in a light-hearted, blissful state? The one that makes you smile inside.

You wouldn’t want to put on something that will bring you down further, would you?

Don’t get me wrong, many of us tend to do that. BUT… what if we decided to shift the perspective intentionally?

(Ding! The mind’s metaphorical “light bulb” switch just turned on!)

The aspects of colors, in general, offer a clue to the current position of where we are on our path regarding our spiritual journey.

Now, back to discovering YOUR color…or…colors.

Let’s say it is blue.

The color doesn’t have to be just “blue.” There are many spectrums of blue in the world. So, it can be cyan, aqua, turquoise, royal blue, chrysocolla blue (so pretty…just sayin’…oh my goodness…really…mean it), ocean blue, steel blue, cobalt blue, etc. And each one of these colors holds a particular frequency, just like the many shades of crystals and precious stones.

“There are universal imports in colors, with vibrations corresponding to astrological aspects, numerology, musical notes, the endocrine glands, and the human aura.” (Campell)

According to Dan Campell, the author of Edgar Cayce: On the Power of Color, Stones, and Crystals — the infamous 20th Century Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, claimed the importance of the impacting benefits of healing for the physical body and the mind while also having an awareness “of their spiritual significance” (Campell). However, Cayce also set a warning when he stated,

“…do not let these guide thee! Rather guide them in their influence.” (1489–1)

Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

So, the color(s) of an outfit you’d put on for the day truly matters, don’t they?

Don’t believe me? Try it.

Say one morning you’re having an AMAZEBALLZ-type of start to your day. Flip the script a bit! Rather than putting on an outfit with your uplifting complementary color(s), put on something that looks and feels like the opposite of your current mood. Without those uplifting complementary colors, too. Then, see what you feel like throughout your day.

You come back, and you tell me how that experiment went.

Don’t worry…I’ll wait! (Got to love some Kat Williams…)

But seriously, this is why we should be mindfully considerate of the aspects of color in our daily lives because of their effects on us.

But wait! There’s more!

Yeah, we haven’t even touched on vibrational frequency or the beneficial properties of these specimens yet.

But, hey, I think that wraps it up for now.

Stay tuned, though; there’s more to come…

I don’t want to spoil it.

Until the next read, your first assignment is to discover your blissful color.

Class dismissed!

Jk 😉


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