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Giving Momma Her Flowers: Paying Homage to Nature

Updated: May 6

So, there it was – the day of the Eclipse.  A major event was about to take place in the USA, since the most recent in August of 2017!  Local schools and businesses were scheduled to close for many to participate and witness the huge astronomical cosmic display.  Travelers migrated to locations to experience the “totality” in all its glory.

Solar Eclipse
Photo by Justin Dickey

I, however, was home for the day with an overcast view – unable to observe such a miraculous spectacle of Creation.  So…instead I spent some time with the Creator

When nightfall came, I was up burning the midnight oil and noticed a peaceful silence throughout the community.  Now, if you live in a major city, you know that several times in the day and evening you will hear sirens of many sorts -- fire trucks, police sirens, and ambulances…you get my meaning.

But this night was different…there was nothing.  Not a sound.  All were in complete silence and rest.   

The following morning, there I was spending some time in prayer and a realization came over me that was very significant and impactful, to say the least.  I realized that nations and people all over the world, as a whole, pay homage in days of remembrance for a multitude of things -- such as observances of holy & sacred days, birthdays, days of tradition & celebration, memorials of the many, national holidays, etc, which are wonderful.  But have any of us thought much about taking a moment to reflect upon the greatness, wonder, and aww of what surrounds each of us every day?

Wherever we go, whatever we’re doing, when we sit down to a meal, or living in the comforts of our lifestyle(s) -- there it is…Mother Nature nurturing us continually.

Mother Nature
Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

The clothes we put on, the foods we eat, the water we drink, the Sun to provide light and warmth for new seedlings to grow, the Moon to govern the night skies, and the homes we reside within from materials that land provides for us to build.

When someone does a kind gesture, no matter its magnitude – we show appreciation by saying “thank you.” When we’re in prayer asking the Divine to provide and then for our requests to manifest into our lives – we immediately show our display of gratitude with praise in many forms (i.e. song, dance, prayer, etc.)

It occurred to me, that even though I’ve appreciated the Creation for what has been to all of us in every generation since the beginning of time – I thought that I should also take time to pay homage to Nature by taking fifteen (15) minutes a day to reflect and think about all that the Earth, the Luminaries, the Skies, and the Waters have provided for all us lovingly without asking for anything in return.  Nature is teaming with the life force (prana) in many ways from the trees that give us oxygen to the waters that give life for all things to birth and grow. 

I think it's time to give Mother Nature her flowers!

Wait! What am I saying??  Nature provides the flowers!

Mother Nature
Photo by James Wheeler

So, what can each of us do to pay respect and show proof of our appreciation?

To name a few things…

  • Recycle

  • Use reusable water bottles and canteens.

  • Use reusable bags when shopping.

  • Plant a tree or a flower.

  • Encourage one another to take care of our home here on Earth for ourselves and the generations to come.  We only have one.

*Side Note: Try not to get upset or spiteful if others don't participate in the same way you do things. Not everyone is on the same life path and journey. Just continue to set the example for others in a loving and supportive way by planting the proverbial “seed” of demonstration.

  • Commute on foot, rollerblade, use a scooter, and/or bicycle more.

  • Carpool to work and special events.

  • Correlate neighborhood clean-ups.

*For Safety Purposes: When handling outdoor trash, please use reusable gloves or trash grabbers, push brooms, and dust pans designated for outdoor use.  You don't know where foreign trash has been.

  • Try to use more natural cleaning solvents, such as vinegar.

  • Say hello and thank a tree or plant – this helps to raise the “love” frequency around you and our communities.

I know, I know…that may feel a bit far out there, right?


Did you know that science has proven that whatever you’re feeling, plants and trees can sense the vibrations of your emotions?

Photo by Maddie Franz

According to Cleve Backster, a former CIA interrogator, conducted an experimental study in the 1960’s of Plant Extrasensory Perception (ESP). In his research, Backster came to the conclusion that once a plant was “attuned” to a particular human being – the specimen itself would maintain that connection to the individual to whatever he/she acted in or went. William M. Bondurant suggests that Backster’s discovery is an indication of the possibility that there is an “instantaneous communication among all living things.” 

Kind of like when you’re thinking of someone and they call you the next day, sort of thing?

Now, you might be sitting there asking, "Well, what is the point? How can I impact anything with just myself? I'm only one person out of billions." a pebble dropped in a pond, it causes ripples and eventually crosses the entire lake.

A turtle in clear water
Photo by Robin Rodriguez

Simply said: just as meaningful to each of us in human life -- the little things matter…for all things that hold “life” within.

As it says in many sacred texts in different ways, "Do unto others, as you want done unto you." (Matthew 7:12) I would say that means exactly what it says — but also to all living things by treating all life forms with love and respect. Everything has a purpose, just like human life. 

In essence, be kind to Nature and she'll be loving and rewarding to us as well.





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