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Vibes Don't Lie: Choose Your Path Wisely

Updated: May 6

Where shall I begin?

Well…as artists, we tend to create art based on emotion, experience, passion, and…ultimately…just from a place of designing something fulfilling and healing for ourselves while being submerged in the creation process. But let’s not forget that there is also the hope that it could be a healing modality and inspiration for others. But sometimes, the hardest part is crossing the “bridge of bravery” to release said works to the public for others to view and potentially criticize.

Artists: whether writers, culinary artists, fashion designers, graphic designers, painters, sculptures…you name it (even if you’re designing a couch) — are some of the most courageous individuals in the world. You are open to the criticism that I was alluding.

A sense of vulnerability comes when sharing what you enjoyed creating with a multitude of potential scrutiny for composition, color, angles, flavors, certain textiles, etc.

“Oh, that brush stroke was so unnecessary” kind of thing, right?

However, here’s a fun fact!

Did you know that when a presidential candidate runs for office and wins 53% of the popular vote, they’ve literally won by a “landslide?” The reason is because it’s impossible to please everyone. The same concept applies to personal style and taste. None of us are the same, though we carry thoughts, behaviors, morals, and values from the basis of social constructs demonstrated to us within our immediate circles and communities. Things that were programmed within our mentality of what’s considered “right” or “good.” And with that, it can be challenging to broaden one’s horizon of style and beauty for Self when it may not resonate with those closest to us.

However, I’m not only concerned about the design and how “cool” it can look in the final product — just as important is the meaning behind its existence.

So, without further ado — today is the day of courage that I’m crossing that bridge to share some of my artwork with you and clarify its message.

The Meaning Behind the Message

To start …some may say that this design is too obvious of what the message potentially represents.

But is it?

What “vibe” would you think that’s being portrayed here?

Are you sensing the dishonesty of others?

Good times vs. bad times?

Low frequency vs. high frequency?

Maybe. But let’s dive a little deeper than that.

What it’s genuinely relating to is our intuition —  your inner knowing. Some may call it discernment.

How often have you received a hunch within your “gut” or in your “heart space” of a situation and then to NOT listen to it?

I can’t speak for you! Haha! But I know I’ve done it plenty and literally made the t-shirt!

But then you’re faced with looking back, saying, “Man, I knew what I felt! Why…oh WHY didn’t I listen?!” Like, why did you take the "red pill" right?

This is because sometimes our ego or flesh desires tend to get in the way, leading to the direction(s) that aren’t for our highest good. Then we’re left there ashamed of ourselves, displeased, beating ourselves up with the inner-critical voice perpetuating a cycle of self-loathing and mental entrapment.

BUR-DEN!!! (eye roll)

Now, in life, we are here as spiritual beings having human experiences, meaning we have a soul. Some may even call the soul the higher self that’s connected to the Creator and the Creative Forces. But one of MANY things we’re here to do is make choices. With each decision, all…and I do mean ALL, have a “cause and effect” and their associated lessons. Some call it consequence or reaping what you sow, good or bad.

Say you’re faced with a choice and standing at the proverbial “fork in the road.” In my experience, it would be wise to go within and silently ask yourself what direction to take. You’ll find clear indications of what’s best for you and your well-being versus the other path that may be tempting but inevitably not so good.

But what if both paths sound optimistically great?

Oh, the joy!

Well…haha…once again…you must be willing to choose, and either way, look forward to the outcome.

I’m someone who prays and meditates, asking for assistance when choosing the best path for Self. But even God, the Divine, Spirit, Creator, Universe, Source, or any name you associate with for a Higher Power can only give you guidance. You can even receive plenty of advice from family, friends, and peers. But understand that everyone’s path is different. There is still the expectation for us to operate within our autonomy. We’re still called to listen to that still voice (i.e., subconsciousness, inner-critical voice, the soul) within and choose our direction from a place of love, peace, and a sound mind. NOT from a place of fear, hate, or unsound irrationality. Making those decisions from a centered, loving balance would be wise. And to add, with the hopes of doing what’s best for the highest good of others that may potentially be involved as well.

It’s not all about us, you know? Others matter, too -- even if they do get on your nerves from time to time.

Just sayin'...

(Side note: I found that it’s well to do unto others as you want done unto you. Meaning you treat others as you wish to be treated.)

After your decision has been made by weighing all the possible and potential outcomes, the rest is taking that “leap of faith.” Right? Because, in reality, either path could be scary to handle. Or three, or four, or five different directions you’re pondering.

But here’s the bright side.

Say you finally chose a path with the best intentions, and things didn’t pan out how you hoped for, or even at all. In fact, the outcome was quite the opposite of your initial expectations.

“Dude! I made such a huge mistake!”

But did you really?

Obviously, the lesson may feel burdensome and a bit hard to swallow. But then do yourself a favor and shift your focus and ask, “What did it teach me?”

And that’s the key…

Now you know something you didn’t know before and are no longer foreign to what works best for you and what doesn’t. So, there’s no need to beat yourself up. How would you have known if you hadn’t tried? It was a learning experience you apparently were meant to know, as we’re all on this earth to do just that — learn lessons in this big old classroom called life.

Also, I think it’s better to decide than NOT to make a decision, rather than being passive by allowing life to “happen” to you. We do have to respectfully assert ourselves in personal confidence to be courageous to make choices. And that’s a scary thing. But if I can give you a little easement in your heart, know that everyone had to make difficult choices. And due to the outcomes, some folks regret it, while others have learned to embrace it — because it taught them something.

And to add, being choice-less, you’re bound to be potentially trapped in “analysis paralysis,” which is a call for severe stress. And believe me when I tell you I’ve been there. And that SUCKS!

So, please don’t do that to yourself.

But like I said before, when making decisions of great importance or even those that aren’t as significant, do it from a place of love, peace, and a sound mind.

Whether the outcome was successful, you still learned something YOU should know, and it could be excellent advice for others who may face the same obstacles or situations in their journey. But remember, everyone’s experience is different than ours, and they, too, have to operate within their own autonomy and make their final decision based on what feels right for them.

And thus, therein lies its value.

You didn’t lose anything but rather GAINED wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment.

The message is simple and yet profound.

Be bold.

Be brave.

Listen to the vibes — they don’t lie.



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